On this tour you will see much more than the average tourist to Chiriqui. The tour is guided by Israeli immigrant Moty Hen. Moty has lived here for over 20 years ago and speaks fluent Spanish and English and Hebrew. He has a very comfortable 4x4 car and he takes his time to show you the real Panama; not rushing you in and out like so many other tour operators. He will pick you up at The Purple House Hostel at around 10:00am and will have you back at the hostel by around 6pm. During this time, you will soak in jungle hot springs, participate in turning sugar cane into raspadura, a rich dark sugar. You will visit small quaint villages that haven't changed in 100 years. You will participate in walking the oxen around to squeeze the cane juice. You will tour around the beautiful village of Boquete, stopping at a magnificent look out point to enjoy a cup of the best coffee. He has the ability to change up the itinerary to suit the needs of the clients. Sometimes he will add in a stop at the Carta Vieja rum factory or the cigar factory. You can see how these local products are made. There are waterfalls and monkeys and beautiful nature too. He knows all the best spots. We can honestly say that this is a good value and an excellent experience. The cost is $50 per person. Please inquire at Purple House Hostel for bookings or call Moty Hen at (507) 6677- 6622 email: moty.hen@gmail.com    Tell him a big SHALOM from The Purple House!