Work/Volunteer Opportunity







We are currently looking for female volunteer (between 22-35) to work the afternoon shift at the hostel. The daily hours are about 5:00-10:30pm and consist basically of receiving new guests and some light cleaning and maintaining the hostel clean.  You would get a free dorm bed and second dibs on leftover food.  Minimum committment is one month and some Spanish is necessary. 




Minimum 3 MONTH commitment from October - December. , Male or female between 30-45.  Intermediate Spanish and fluent English Necessary.  Contact us for more details. Must be non-drinker, non-partier.  Private room, food allowance, no salary but at the end of the period get a commission payment based on the number of guests we have during that time. Current references required.



If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please email us at purplehousehostel@yahoo.com and put position title in the subject line.








We often need additional help in running the hostel and maintaining our high standards of cleanliness and customer service.

If you have some free time on your hands, and would like to stay with us for a while (minimum 2 weeks), please continue reading.  If you are the type of person who, while staying in a hostel, will wash all of your own dishes and leave one dirty plate in the sink because "it wasn´t mine", then you should probably stop reading because this job is probably not for you.

We are looking for people who are willing to dedicate about 5-6 hours per day to help at the hostel. 

Some of the duties might include: taking the dog for a walk, meeting and greeting guests, answering phones, washing the sheets, sweeping and mopping the floors as needed, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the garbage, staying awake in the evenings to keep an eye on things, cleaning out the fridges on a weekly basis, kitchen cleanliness upkeep, and maintaining general cleanliness and order of the house.  (We do have a cleaning staff so this would be to assist them or to help out if they are absent from work.)  One thing is for sure...your job won't be the same everyday!  We are flexible, and ask that you be flexible as well. 

You must speak English and have at least an advanced beginner-intermediate level of Spanish.    Good personal hygiene and a clean, neat appearance is a must.  We also give preference to travelers who have already done some traveling in Panama, since offering tourist information and your opinions as a traveler in the area is an important part of the job. No other special skills are needed except for the love and admiration of the color PURPLE.  Since you will be living here...you will naturally become part of our extended family.  You will be treated with honesty and respect and we ask the same of you!

To start, we offer free dorm bed and a chance at the leftover food that guests have left. Please contact us first (email or facebook) since we normally don't guarantee you a job until we can meet you and so you can see first-hand what is involved.  We also ask you to be prepared to stay as a paying guest for a couple of nights at the beginning (again so you can see how the hostel operates with no obligations).  (If you end up staying for at least a month, we will return whatever you paid at the end of the volunteer period.)

This is an ideal learning opportunity for someone who is thinking of opening their own hostel or bed and breakfast.

Thank you so much for your interest!