The Circle

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

About 2 years ago we saw an opportunity to obtain a business. This was our first step toward completing a long-time idea we had after being inspired by “The Purple House International Backpackers' Hostel”.

Welcome to the first post of the Purple House Hostel. My name is Martha and I will be your guide for the time it will take you to read this post.

First stop. "The People".

We were 2 and then we were 3, Karla and I have known each other our whole lives. We are what is called "sisters" hahaha, this helps us a little since we know how each other thinks (this obviously doesn't stop the camp battle when we disagree, but there is always a peaceful resolution) on the other hand we have Bryan (my partner) we both know him for more than 10 years, he always takes care of creating solutions or fixing stuff that we have no clue how to fix lol.

From right to left: Karla, Bryan and Martha.Very old picture but it captures exactly who we are XD

Second stop. "The Business".

"The Purple House International Backpacker’s Hostel" was the first hostel in David City and the 2nd hostel in the entire country of Panama founded back in 2002. It’s original location was close to our grandfather’s house. I always remember when we use to pass in front of it in the car with our mom. She would slow down a bit since knew we really liked that it was all Purple! It inspired us to have our own hostel one day in the future.

Finally after 16 years, the previous owner, Andrea, decided to sell the hostel. She posted the information on Facebook, this is when I happen to cross with her post what creates an existential crisis in my mind I then decided to share my thoughts and feelings with Karla and Bryan...and that's when it happened...we jumped in! (This was on 2017)

We had a lot of space and wanted to start our own business so we move all the stuff from the former hostel where it was located for 15 years! To the new location where we have been living all our lives.

Suddenly the journey of becoming the new owners of The Purple House Hostel became real!

Third stop, "good idea, bad idea".

Do you remember this cartoon named “Animaniacs”? There was a segment in there that would show a “good idea” follow up by a “bad idea”, for example, Good Idea - Dressing up for Halloween as a pirate. Bad idea - Dressing up for Halloween as a piñata.

I loved it! The funny thing is I never thought about it when watching it as a kid but that is actual life, like everything in life you will always have good outcomes or bad outcomes depending on the decisions you make.

So being new business owners deciding how to transform the hostel into our vision (that we haven’t finished deciding yet...we are getting there xD) obviously we took bad choices one of them was the huge Circle we made to install a huge pool in the garden, maintaining a pool is expensive, being new owners we had to decide if that was going in the direction we wanted to go, we are still taking care of the consequences of those decisions, but you will always learn even from bad choices. Certainly, life never stops so many things happened besides having to learn the perks of hostel management; Karla found Love! and eventually, move out of the hostel, I became a professor at the University (which I really enjoyed), unfortunately, last year our father had 2 strokes in less than a month which ended up in him passing away, this was very hard for happened so fast.

Nevertheless, life is about overcoming so this is what we are trying to do…

Fourth and last stop, “New purpose”.

As mention before we are still trying to figure out what our purpose is but we are now sure that we want to become a sustainable business, to be more precise we are figuring out how to connect our business with the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better future to all, this cannot be possible if we don’t take action...we are taking action...not sure exactly how yet, but this blog is our first step.

We are not people the kind of people use to taking selfies and posting on social networks (so please be kind with us XD). We are making an effort and will try to share as much information as we can on how we are trying to make our small contribution toward a sustainable world.

Thank you for staying till the end...our history is just beginning so… stay tuned.


2017 by Purple House  Hostel

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